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Informational Legal Systems
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About us
Informational Legal Systems


What is JUSIAS?

JUSIAS is a database that contains a large number of normative and analytical materials. One system combines all types of legal information: the legislation of Belarus, decisions of local authorities, international treaties of the Republic of Belarus, non-normative acts, litigation, legislation on International trade law of Russia, as well as comments and clarifications to the regulations, practical tips, advice of leading experts in economics and law, which makes it practical guidance and a reliable assistant in the work.

Field of application

Versatility of JUSIAS provides a wide range of users. Today, JUSIAS is used by state authorities, banks, auditing and consulting companies, industrial enterprises, educational institutions, commercial entities. In large organizations JUSIAS unites all those who take management decisions.

Effective providing of information

Background information in the system is ensured by the operational work of the information department of the company. Documents which were included in the database of the National Centre of Legal Information are accessible to costumers of JUSIAS on the next day. Through own sources of analysis replenishment consulting explanatory section in the system is implemented with maximum speed. Total number of documents in the system is more than 136 000.

Updating of JUSIAS database

Depending on needs and abilities you may choose the most convenient way to update the frequency and delivery of information: through the Internet, using express mail or a service officer.

What kinds of services the company provides?

- “Hot telephone line” provides FAQ on working with the system, the decision of possible emergency situations (if necessary — departure a company employee to the client for troubleshooting), the opportunity to learn about the innovations in JUSIAS;

- searching rare documents to individual users' queries;

- user training practices;

- additional program units and libraries.

The minimum hardware configuration for installation and operation of JUSIAS v. 6.0:

Pentium-160, RAM 24 Mb, HDD 1 000 Mb (space), Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT 4.0 Server / Workstation, XP.


“Register” presents a new version of information-legal system “JUSIAS” that allows our clients to get instant access to the full and timely legal information: at work, home, traveling, etc. The system JUSIAS mobile requires no installation, works on any computer or laptop equipped with a USB-port, distributed on a compact portable Flash Drive. JUSIAS mobile gives users the confidence that they have the necessary arsenal to deal with legal issues in any place and at any time

JUSIAS mobile includes:

- complete legislation base of the Republic of Belarus;

- clarification specialists from ministries and departments;

- comments on taxation and accounting;

- analysis section;

- accounting entries;

- legislation and judiciary reviews;

- samples of documents and examples of their filling, as well as many other materials.

Features of JUSIAS mobile

Weekly updates will allow you to work with the operational and analytical legal information.

23 types of search available, including cross-cutting based on a database that would provide answers to the question posed in the shortest possible time and in any convenient place.

Comprehensive database similar to the volume of information or network version of the program provides an opportunity to work with legal documents and analytical materials, which is the key to making informed decisions.

Powerful resource of “Register” allows you to create a regular flow of information for “JUSIAS”, which means savings to your organization for information and legal services.

Due to mobility program numerous analytical materials will help managers, accountants, lawyers, economists, employment services.

You can order a free demonstration of JUSIAS mobile in your region through the form on the website or call (+375-17) 288-04-18, (+375-17) 237-90-37.

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